The Guts of the Economy

Hand drawing of organs with labels Gut Biome and Labour Power

In this workshop The Guts of the Economy we are invited to explore the wonders of the gut biome and the vagus nerve using speculative group drawing, mapping, and conversations to help connect them to crucial aspects of the ‘oikos’, local economy and the social reproduction of labour.

No drawing experience necessary—just the guts to come along!

By understanding the interconnections of the body to our economy/environment/emotions, we can design a more sophisticated and functional economy, and also attempt to develop a new language for doing economy differently which takes into consideration the body’s amazing physiology—in particular, the new languages emerging to describe the brain-gut axis, the gut biome and the emotional body. We will be exploring the 12 organs of the body that feature in the Gastrointestinal Tract, the gut biome, fascia, and the vagus nerve, to learn about their respective interrelated functions, and then extrapolate from these functions and connect them to the parts of the economy, as distilled into a basic taxonomy of the 12 elements.


  • Tables and chairs
  • Large butchers paper to cover a table.
  • Drawing materials
  • Audio equipment

Duration: 3 hours

Participants: 6 - 20