Doing Things with Numbers

Children-style drawing with the title Investing

How did the the arts minister shift $105m from the arts budget into an exclusive arts excellence fund? What was Nigel Scullion thinking when he decided that $500m earmarked for alleviating Indigenous disadvantage would be better spent on fishing and cattlemen’s groups in the Northern Territory? And what about Brendan Nelson’s decision to spend $498m on an upgrade of the Australian War Memorial, Australia’s secular shrine for the worship of all things Anzac, when not a single cent has been spent acknowledging the brutal frontier wars that claimed more than 60,000 black lives?

In this workshop we will do some forensic accounting to map the flow of resources from all government portfolios, and paint a picture (literally) of who is holding all the purse strings.

Materials: Calculators; Spreadsheets software; Projector + Screen; Room with tables and chairs; Wall to project onto; Paint and large butchers paper - or single sheets

Duration: 2 x 2 hour sessions

Participants: 6 - 10