All text based articles in the MSE library have been referenced and archived in one of two places on the internet: Zotero and Aaaarrg.


We use Zotero to house our database of articles, web links, books, etc. If you don’t already have Zotero, you really should. It’s a free open source reference management software developed at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. You can register free to become a member here and access the MSE library online. Or better still you can download it to your computer and access it offline. This database is constantly growing - and you can add to it too! Access to the public online library for MSE here


For individual courses and specific reading lists - we will also host material on this amazing site AAARRG. You need to be invited to become a member, which is easy done through an email to MSE. AAARG READING LISTS For unfucking the economy This is the reading material for the Marrickville School of Economics

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