MSE at the Folkestone Fringe and Folkestone Triennial 2017

A group of women around a table with coloured markers and flash cards containing "Labour", "Care', "Waste", etc

EVENT Folkestone Triennial Flyer

Wednesday 20 September 2017, Workshop: 10 - 3pm

Folkestone Harbour East End Jam: Jamming the commons A celebration of jam made with fruit from the surprisingly abundant urban environment, exploring abundance and the commons from the perspective of new local economies and giving participants some useful tools for sustaining ourselves. The workshop covers safe and legal foraging practices and forms part of the ongoing East End Jam project by artist Clare Qualmann.

Friday 22 Sep 12:30 – 2:30 Talk

Madeleine Hodge from the Folkestone (Summer) School of Economics hosts a Skype conversation with Sydney's Marrickville School of Economics, with a public presentation on the principles of an artist led economy by Bek Conroy.

Friday 22 Sep 19:00 – 20:00 Talk

The Story of Rare Albion by Christopher Houghton Budd from Folkestone Finance

Saturday 23 Sep 14:00 – 16:00 Workshop

Finance literacy for artists - Free public workshop hosted by Finance Folkestone for artists, curators, theorists. Drop in with questions, which could be anything from how to balance your books to earning money from immaterial labour.

Saturday 23 Sep 19:00 – 19:00 Panel Discussion

Beyond (NOT) Neo-liberalism: Panel discussion on thinking the economy as creative practice. Madeleine Hodge, Camilla Cannoci and Christopher Houghton Budd

Sunday 24 Sep 12:00 – 16:00 Workshop

The economy is a uterus workshop, with drawing, colouring in and economy free play | Drop in and open to the public