Excursion: The City of Ladies (Film) at the MCA with Zanny Begg

Two women lifting up their fist

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 at 18:30 - 20:30 Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art

The reproductive rights of women to control their bodies, their desire to conceive or terminate, was a key basis to the European witch hunts which lasted 300 years, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of women—the legacy of which is still with us today. Join us at the MCA to meet with artist Zanny Begg to talk about the work she created with Elise Mcleod for the National, as it concerns the female body and its potential for radical production.

Everyone is welcome!

The Reading for this week is: Federici, Silvia. ‘The Great Witch Hunt in Europe’ in Caliban and the Witch. 2., Ed. New York, NY: Autonomedia, 2009: 163-206

*Please allow at least 45 mins to view the work before hand. *

ABOUT ZANNY AND ELISE'S WORK: The City of Ladies is a 20 minute non-linear film installation inspired by the fifteenth century proto-feminist novel of the same name by France’s first professional female writer Christine de Pizan. The City of Ladies was written in 1402 and creates a utopian city built, populated and governed by women. de Pizan aimed to subvert masculine versions of history by describing, what she called, feminania, a pro-female view of the world.