Types of labour: Immaterial Affective Emotional Cognitive Creative - Art Strike - Arts Exceptionalism - Precarity - Postfordism

The trouble with arts’ labour is its slippery leaky affectionate endearing promiscuity. How can we make it even more troubling? What is exceptional about the artist’s labouring body?

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Derivatives - Violence - Swaps/Shares/Futures - Networks - Neurocapital - Sociopathy

Who is the Ontology of Finance? What is the Grammar of Finance? Why is Finance so violent? How does the stock-market ‘work’? What is bitcoin block chain and supply chain?

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Tangible/Intangibles - Money vs Currency - exchange values - Alternative Currency - Bitcoin - Artist Led Business Models - Creative Economy and other Buzz Words

What is Money? What is Currency? Who has value and how to the make it? What are the alternative currencies? How is creative economy a currency? How can artists leverage their currency?

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Power / Energy

Political Systems - Ideologies - energy resources and natural distribution systems - Subjectivities

How do resources and energy intersect with the production of power? What is the Anthropocene and who are its enemies/critics?

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Language - Culture - Philosophy - Marketing - Advertising - Communication - Semiotics - Discursive - Subjectivities - Psychopathologies.

How does Cultural Neoliberalism behave? What are the cultural values propagated through an exclusive emphasis on Homo Economicus? What does the share economy and George Orwell have in common? What was the real tragedy of the commons? Is Capitalism a form of large-scale gaslighting?

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Ecologies / Infrastructures

Permaculture - artist led business models - Soil Practice - Design Thinking - Permaculture - Technologies - Networks - Mapping - Architecture - Human/Non-Human - Anthropocene - Capitalocene - Chthulucene

How can we examine plant life to understand a more equitable system of producing and distributing resources? Can Permaculture be used as a model of organising the economy? Anthropocene versus Capitalocene versus Chthulucene.

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Futuring methodologies - Futures Trading - Biopolitics - Deep Time - Speculation

What is a non-cash asset register? What is futuring? What is the role of speculation as a force of good and evil? What role can/does geological time have in shaping future economies?

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Custodianship - Indigenous knowledge systems - Queering Economy - Potlatch - Gift Economy - emerging epistemologies and decolonising glossaries -

What models of ownership are not based on private property? How can we build a new glossary to supersede the arts funding bureaucrazy? What would a queer economy look like? How can/do different subjectivities produce intimate and diverse distribution networks? What is already in front of us that we can not see?

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Artist Led Business Model

How do artists measure and capture value? Inventing a new language to talk about the bizness Strategies for implementing an artist led approach to doing economy

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The Stories Behind the Headlines

WTF GFC? Brexit/Grexit/Sexit Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae - a tragic comedy How to rort the tax system How to read the Fin review?

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Case Studies

Survey of alternative economies case studies Survey of artists making economics a site of intervention or making work about economy

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Artist led, Social Enterprise, Workers Cooperative and other governance models

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Alternative Education & Radical Pedagogies

Alternative art schools, Open Universities, EduFactory, Undercommons, Hedge Schools

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