F*ck Your Extraction Economy

Clothesline with pieces of fabric screen-printed with political messages
3-6 August 2017 Folkestone, UK

Calling all part time radical economists and feminist ninjas. This so-called economy has a big measuring stick that it likes to wave in your face. In many ways, economic “theory” is an unsophisticated word for making shit up. And like any bad pulp fiction, it’s been on the top sellers list for an eternity, and for all the wrong reasons. But more recently the fictional maneuvers of finance capitalism have reached epic heights, whilst also managing to penetrate deeper and deeper into our bodies.

This DIY will ask how can we as art workers intervene in the everyday grammar of finance at a biopolitical level and transfigure/pervert the flow of these languages through mimesis and a trojan strategy of occupation. How can we radically recompose the body’s response-abillty to the materiality of financialisation, using language tactics and humour to expose the gaps and contradictions of finance’s banal and ridiculous propositions. The syllabus will connect economic strategies to the enslavement that underpins them so we will emerge with a vigorous fury ready to institute new ways of working.

Course Outline